Nothing like summer to bring a warm, bright, ray of sunshine into the fashion world. Golden hues are so hot right now, and transforming peoples closets.

I've seen pants, shoes, bags, (you name it) in this wonderful mustard yellow and I am obsessing. Scroll the gram or browse your favorite shops, and you will definitely see pops of yellow through out. Golden goodness is the summer color for "it" girls everywhere. 

Now my reasoning behind this new love may be selfish, but I love this color on me! Haha I know so awful! Seriously though, I rarely wear color, and this one just really caught me! So if you have yet to try, give it a shot! You may be pleasantly surprised.

I've loved seeing this bright shade mixed with denim and white most of all. It's so chic and flattering. Warms up the skin tone and makes such a statement. It has a cool girl vibe, and really makes you stand out. 

Summer is the time to experiment with color, so even if you're not a huge fan of this lemon-y hue, give a vibrant color some love! Comment below your fav color of the moment xx