So this accessory of the moment is super obvious and loved by everyone. They're freaken' rad and serve a legit purpose, so safe to say they are a must have. 

I personally have a sick obsession with sunglasses and my collection is getting out of hand. When I started to look through just how many I have, I also noticed that I have just about every shape/style out there. I get bored easily and tend to switch up the style often. I know most people say they can only wear certain shapes for their face, but I say wear which ever pair you are drawn too! If you love them and feel confident, that pair will look best on you no matter the shape.

I wanted to show you guys how, even though I have a 'unique nose', I still love every different shape I own. You just gotta rock 'em! Another detail about my collection is that the price range is very reasonable (especially compared to all the designer goods I drool over). Hopefully you see a new brand with affordable shades that you'd love to wear. So check out this video and see if any of these sunnies really reach out to you! Styles linked below.

1st pair: Ray-Ban 'Round Double Bridge'
2nd pair: Ray-Ban 'Round Metal Polarized'
3rd pair: Crap Eyewear 'The Night Shift' (similar)
4th pair: Quay Australia 'On The Prowl'
5th pair: Mary Janenite 'Jelly Sunglasses'
6th pair: Crap Eyewear 'The Love Tempo'
7th pair: Quay Australia 'Kitti'
8th pair: Quay Austrailia X Amanda Steele 'Muse'
9th pair: Princess Polly 'Gold Corvette'

SONG: Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man (Medasin remix)