Girls do have more fun. Because we are creative, brave and all around amazing! So leave it to strong badass women to steal looks from the boys and make them even better. Sorry fellas! 

I love taking a fun menswear piece and styling into my wardrobe. Honestly, there are a decent amount of clothes from the mens section currently in my closet. I'm sure you've noticed, but mens wear is HUGE right now! From the oversized men's t-shirt worn as a dress (a favorite of King Kylie) to the loafer trend seen all over Instagram this year. Cool slacks, sneakers and oversized button down shirts are all so chic and comfortable. Safe to say menswear is now ladies wear too. It's the era of rocking whatever your heart desires, and I couldn't be happier about it! It's empowering to step out, feeling confident, and not always wearing what is expected of you. 


My look here is very skate punk, with details inspired by the 90's of course. My shirt, pants and shoes are all from the boys. My go to footwear, Old School Vans, were originally only found on dudes feet that were tearing up the asphalt. Now you see models and bloggers alike wearing the soles out of these suckers. On top, is my cheapest piece but lately I've been obsessed and wearing it with everything! A pack of Hanes ribbed white tanks from Target, gave me the option to cut them up, at varied cropped lengths, and add distressed touches. Very Gwen Stefani circa Tragic Kingdom. To pull it all together I slipped on a pair of heather grey chinos and some edgy necklaces. Easy, cool, and better than the guys, if I do say so myself (sorry gents).


Obviously my version of stealing the boys look, is super casual and a little edgier. You know me, always taking everything to the extreme. So below I've collected some of my favorite menswear looks I've seen on social and throughout the fashion world. Hopefully something will inspire you to sneak over to your man's side of the closet for a new fresh look xx 

Photographer: Asami Zenri @asamiphotography