If I had a nickel for every time someone told me, "Hold onto it, everything comes back in style", well then I'd have enough for... eh probably some trendy avocado toast at my favorite brunch spot. But still! I've heard it a ton! And because I obsessively clean out my closet, I get stuck buying back into returning trends (ahem the brief juicy tracksuit comeback almost got me). 

One trend resurfacing lately has me very excited. The return of the mini skirt! Now don't get me wrong, I am still really digging the midi skirt moment happening, but I am okay letting go of the super full maxi for the time being. Seeing the mini back in action is so much fun this summer and I am welcoming its comeback! Takes me back to the days of a drawer full of Hollister destroyed denim skirts and Abercrombie & Fitch plaid numbers. Nostalgia at its best! 


Bringing back the highly popular early 2000s trend seems old and tired, so luckily there have been amazing upgrades to this returning style. You won't just find these micro skirts in denim and terry cloth anymore. I've seen them in suedecorduroy (mine was only $12!), leather, twill, you name it! I have also loved the interesting hardware additions a lot of brands have been experimenting with. Fun zippers, grommets, studs, and mega distressed additions to these skirts give a very cool girl vibe. The fun doesn't end there either because cute mini's are now popularly created with fun and wild prints! Who doesn't want to wear one!?

So many brands and retailers have fully stocked up on styles for everyone. Different cuts, fits and materials making it easier for all the lovely ladies of the world to find the skirt perfect for them. These short styles are perfect for this summer heat but will also transition well into fall! I love seeing these skirts styled with a chunky sweater and tall boots. Or create a more feminine look with tights and some sassy shoes.

Get in on the fun while the mini is back! If not, I'm sure you'll catch it in another 15 years xx

Photographer: Asami Zenri @asamiphotography