Yoga pants are amazing. I love them, live in them, and praise their comfort...but I do also LOVE looking put together. Being trendy. Luckily the fall fashion gods have blessed us with the perfect combo of comfort and style. 

The pajama trend is huge. Countless fashion influencers, models and bloggers are all repping their silky sets on the streets of NYC at fashion week. Light weight, silky, soft materials make this the coziest look this side of your favorite activewear.


I'm also loving how creative designers are getting with prints and textures. Everyone is definitely having fun with it. Stripes are my current favorite (shop the pair I have here), but I also have my eye on an epic velvet set

Don't stop at breezy pants and lush blouses, it's now cool to rock slinky robes and glossy slip dresses out on the town as well. Heck take it all the way and throw on some cool slipper inspired loafers! Be as fun with it as you want babes. If you're not ready to fully commit, pair your pj trousers with a soft band tee, or your cool button up with jeans. 


Below is some more fantastic inspo to help you take your pajama party style to the street. Tag me in your fab posts so I can see!! xx